h a r u
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One day in the future, we’ll be together again, as one. So until then, please stop shedding tears and smile at us, because ELF’s will continue to love and support you all no matter where you are. Like our name, we will forever be your everlasting friend even if we aren’t in front of you. We’re here to protect, love, support and always believe in you. Don’t be silly to think that we won’t be here when you come back, from where ever you may be going, because we’re never leaving. As much as our heart breaks, we know we’ll be together again and we’ll endure the pain for you, to keep you from crying once again.

When you’re feeling lonely, think of us, we’ll always be there mentally.

Super Junior hwaiting, our Sapphire Blue Ocean will be waiting for you to come back to us ♥